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BoundingBox View Filter

    In the Revit Api the FilteredElemetCollector class enables search in the document for elements, and filters could be used to select what you need. BoundingBox filters use the get_BoundingBox of the element to check if the element is inside or interested with an Outline that… Read More »BoundingBox View Filter

    Revit CefSharp

      CefSharp is an easy way to embed a full-featured standards-compliant web browser into your C# and Autodesk Revit uses the CefSharp library internally for several features. The only catch is Revit initializes CefSharp itself, which means if your Revit Addin uses CefSharp that could be… Read More »Revit CefSharp

      Revit API 2024 [Obsolete]

        All the Obsolete methods/properties in the Revit API 2024. The big change in this version is the ElementId that now is the type long or int64. I created some extensions and utils classes to make the transaction more simple. BuiltInParameterGroup is now obsolete in Revit… Read More »Revit API 2024 [Obsolete]


        Update RevitAddin

          Imagine the files below as a bundle for a plugin RevitAddin: I have been using the technique below for years. The PackageContents.xml only gonna load the RevitAddin.Loader.addin that loads an Application in RevitAddin.Loader.dll. The only responsibility of the RevitAddin.Loader.dll is to find the last version… Read More »Update RevitAddin


            The AppBundle is a standardized format for Autodesk applications. This package format enables the application or addin to be loaded in many different products and versions. This package format is used on Autodesk Softwares: AutoCAD, Revit, 3ds MAX, Maya, Inventor, Navisworks, Vault, Fusion 360. The… Read More »AppBundle


            The Blob

              Hello everybody my name is Luiz and this is my blog. Here I gonna share some stuff about Revit, Revit API, programming language, automation, and some curiosity about the development process of Revit application. Sometimes gonna share in English other times in Portuguese my main… Read More »The Blob