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Revit API .Net Core

    Finally, Revit API gonna be updated to .NET Core, at the moment the Revit 2025 Preview is running in .NET Core 7.0, and basically, you need to select the target framework to ‘net7.0-windows’ and select the Revit API references using the package Revit_All_Main_Versions_API_x64 for the version 2025 and you are ready to go.

    There are other configurations in the .csproj when using .NET Core that are important to change. To have the same reference files when building the project similar to the .NET Framework.

    Update a RevitAddin Project

    In the video below I update the project RevitAddin.DI.Example work with .NET Core, in that case, all the packages and references used in the project are already prepared to work with the .NET Core.

    The template used in the project was kind of ready for the day Autodesk decided to update to .Net Core. The .csproj and the build automation to create all the Revit versions and the installation is from the AppLoader plugin.

    When Revit 2025 is officially released I hope that uses .NET 8.0 just to be consistent with Microsoft Lifecycle. The version .NET 7.0 ends on May 14, 2024. Revit usually is released in April, so probably gonna be version .NET 8 makes more sense.