Luiz Henrique Cassettari

I graduated in electrical engineering in 2012 and since then I have been working with electrical projects and always tries to improve the workflow using algorithms and smart solutions.

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The easiest way to connect elements with conduit connector in Autodesk Revit.

EasyConduit is a plugin for Revit MEP, this tool facilitates the creation of conduits between families that have conduit connectors. A single command can connect several elements, creating conduits that interconnect the selected elements.



EasyConduit Revit Addin - 1 Year License. (This License is personal and valided for two computers (desktop & laptop), after purchase you will receive a email with the Activation Code.)

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WireInConduit is a plugin to insert the wire in the conduit, Revit has a really poor way to count the quantity of the wires on the project. I have created a beta version but it's was really limited, I have been working on a new version faster and easy to use.



ServiceColor is a plugin to help visualize and color code the types of conduits and electrical fixtures, like power, telephone, fire, and others.

For some reason, Revit doesn't have this kind of a fixture. I'm developing a simple way to color the types and system for electrical, telecom and fire.