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    The AppBundle is a standardized format for Autodesk applications. This package format enables the application or addin to be loaded in many different products and versions.

    This package format is used on Autodesk Softwares: AutoCAD, Revit, 3ds MAX, Maya, Inventor, Navisworks, Vault, Fusion 360.

    The AppBunble standard is used on the Autodesk App Store and APS Design Automation.


    Below there are two examples of how the bundle structure works.

    ApplicationAutoCAD.bundle (AutoCAD)
      |- PackageContents.xml
      |- Contents
        |- ApplicationAutoCAD.lsp
        |- Resources
          |- Symbol.dwg
          |- Symbol.ico
          |- Symbol.json
    RevitAddin.bundle (Revit)
      |- PackageContents.xml
      |- Contents
        |- RevitAddin.addin
        |- RevitAddin.dll
        |- Resources
          |- RevitAddin.ico
          |- RevitAddin.json


    The bundle folder is located in the machine for all the users or the current user in the following folder.

    Current User - %AppData%/Autodesk/ApplicationPlugins
    All Users    - %ProgramData%/Autodesk/ApplicationPlugins